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ロードローラー Road Roller

VIVITA ROBOCON in 国際ロボット展 2022 VIVITA ROBOCON in 国際ロボット展 2022
圧倒的効率のローラーと画期的なアーム Rollers of overwhelming efficiency and revolutionary arms

開発者 Developer

ゆうた Yuta













・The best “roller mechanism” for getting the ball

A roller attached to the front of the machine rolls the ball into the cabin, and the ball is stored inside the machine. In short, the aircraft is designed to score points simply by “moving”.

・Replaceable sub arm” that solves the shortcomings of the roller mechanism

No one is better at collecting balls, but not at taking high-scoring balls.

Therefore, a sub-arm was mounted on the back of the aircraft, and by making it interchangeable, it became possible to take many high-scoring balls.


I think I have created an aircraft that can take balls fast, can take high-scoring balls, and can produce theoretical values.

This aircraft is based on the one I made with a certain Darkness engineer in the past, but this time I made it on my own, so I am personally satisfied with this aircraft, which would have surpassed my past.