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タートルボーグ Turtle Borg

VIVITA ROBOCON in Tokyo 2023 VIVITA ROBOCON in Tokyo 2023

開発者 Developer

フジワラ(バナナはおやつに入りますか?) Fujiwara







特徴1 キャタピラー大改造







特徴2 エレベーター機構とアーム回転



特徴3 背中(甲羅)のジェネバ機構







Designed like a turtle-shaped cyborg!

Fujiwara’s quintessential robot packed with various mechanisms!

The caterpillar has been substantially remodeled to increase strength and stability!

Emphasizes functionality specialized for can collection rather than design!


Feature 1: Major Caterpillar Modification

Since the MDF laminated to the tank-dozer sometimes cracked and the nails came loose, this time the parts were subdivided into smaller pieces and a strong adhesive (epoxy glue) was used to ensure that the nails would never come loose.

Even when pulled with considerable force, it does not budge!



As a countermeasure in the event that the caterpillar is cut off, we devised a cover so that the drive gear and wheels can proceed without the caterpillar.


Feature2: Elevator mechanism and arm rotation

The arm is raised and lowered by an elevator mechanism to reach higher ground. Since the arm is equipped with a battery and weighs a lot, a dynamic pulley was used to pull the arm with a small force.


Feature 3: Geneva mechanism on the back (shell)

The “GENEVA mechanism,” which changes continuous rotational motion into intermittent rotational motion, is incorporated to facilitate can mounting.

The movement of the can after it is mounted by the geneva mechanism is a sight to behold!